Short run

  Sometimes, customers need low volume plastic parts for special need, such as,test design market trial, products function test etc in a quick delivery time,what they really need is spend less cost and get what they want in a short timing to make the project more cost-effectiv and perfect,in this cases, short run/prototype molds would be the best choice.

  Prototype molds are usually could built about 100,00shot.The mold is built without features found in the production mold, so the build time is less and the mold less expensive than production mold,it cost about $2000$-$8000 typical,Lead time:3-5weeks.These molds are build with an understanding from customer on volumes of samples and dimensional requirements. Our prototype molds run your exact materials used for the production part.

  A prototype mold is similar to a production mold. It can be single cavity as shown above, or make more than one part, called a family mold; The main advantage of using a prototype tool is time and cost. If you are not quite sure the part you are designing will work, then it is better to build a single cavity prototype mold instead of starting with the production mold. We also offer the DME 08/09, 10/12, 1014 inch MUD ( Master Unit Die) Inserts.