JNP is a profectional plastic injection molder with injection process ranging from 50T to 800T, we can handle all aspects of your plastic injection program from concept and part design to the finished product. Through the use of our own molding facility we have developed experience in maintainability and reliability of molds. We take this knowledge into every program to help customers design a better product with a longer running mold.
Processing a wide range of resin: ABS ,Acrylic ,Polycarbonate, Nylon-Filled and Unfilled Acetal Delrin, HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene ,PFA, Polystyrene ,PBT, PC/ABS ,PPS, PVC, POM.PMMA etc The markets we serve include: automotive, telecommunications, semiconductor/electronics, household, LED, medical, construction, defense industries etc
We can satisfy the assembly requirement of products with mostly request. For example,silk printing, pad printing, silk screen, ultrasonic welding, hot-stamping etc.